People have been looking for the fountain of youth for centuries. No, I didn't find one. But I am hopeful!

Modern medicine advanced exponentially in the last few decades, significantly extending the average human lifespan, at least in wealthy countries. But this is only the beginning. Today humans understand less than 1% of biology, but any advancements in this field create an opporunity to develop new drugs and methods to slow, or even reverse aging.

It may sound like a fairy tale, but we are farther along in this quest than many people think. We know that many health-related conditions are age-related. We understand some of the biological processes and think it may be possible to prevent cancer, Alzheimer's, and many other human killers. Yes, it will take years to bring ideas to market, but many of these ideas already exist and need money or automation to see the light of day.

Today I am fortunate enough to work at Formic Ventures, a mission-oriented investment firm that wants to hack death. While we also invest in opportunistic companies across several industries, we spend a lot of time looking for promising life sciences startups that can move the needle in discovering the fountain of youth.